Innovative Baggage Solutions Enhance Traveller Convenience

02 August 2023
Innovative Baggage Solutions Enhance Traveller Convenience

Navigating hand baggage allowances and streamlining the check-in process just got a little easier, thanks to two new initiatives recently launched in the world of travel. SkyTeam and United Airlines are paving the way for a smoother travel experience with their new baggage solutions that are set to help with the way we approach luggage on our travels.

SkyTeam's Carry-on Calculator: Streamlining Multi-Carrier Travel

SkyTeam, the global airline alliance, has released a new tool that promises to simplify the often-confusing world of hand baggage allowances, especially for passengers embarking on journeys involving multiple member carriers. The Carry-on Calculator, an intuitive online service, empowers travellers to easily determine their hand baggage allowance when travelling on itineraries involving more than one SkyTeam member airline.

Navigating the Carry-on Calculator really easy. Passengers input their travel class and the airlines who they will be flying with, and the tool swiftly provides them with valuable insights into the hand baggage policies for each individual carrier. The tool also suggests a recommended allowance that is based on the most restrictive carry-on and personal item allowance for all flights within the journey. This ensures that travellers comply with requirements throughout every leg of their journey.

This eliminates the guesswork, offering precise details on bag dimensions and maximum weight allowances for seamless travel planning. For those who frequently traverse multi-carrier routes, the Carry-on Calculator is poised to become an invaluable ally in their journey preparation. Access this new tool by visiting the official SkyTeam website.

United Airlines' Bag Drop Shortcut: Effortless Check-In at Your Fingertips

United Airlines Bag Drop Shortcut is aiming to enhance passenger convenience. Designed to expedite the check-in process, this innovative service is now available for travellers departing from London Heathrow.

Integrated seamlessly with the United app, the Bag Drop Shortcut revolutionises the baggage check-in experience. Travellers can now check in their luggage in a matter of minutes, with the process averaging "a minute or less," according to United Airlines.

Upon reaching the designated Bag Drop Shortcut location within zone D at Heathrow R2, passengers simply place their bags on the scale and utilise the United app to tap their phone. The system facilitates a swift ID check by the airline's staff, who then apply the necessary bag tag.

The success of the Bag Drop Shortcut was first validated through its trial run at Newark in 2021, and its subsequent rollout across U.S. airports. Heathrow now becomes the first international location to offer this new service, further solidifying United Airlines' dedication to pioneering innovations in air travel.

In the fast-paced world of corporate travel, these baggage initiatives couldn't have come at a better time. SkyTeam's Carry-on Calculator and United Airlines' Bag Drop Shortcut are great examples of the industry's commitment to making every step of the journey smoother, more intuitive, and undeniably traveller-centric.


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