Spotlight on our Marine & Offshore Shipping Travel Specialists

18 October 2023
Spotlight on our Marine & Offshore Shipping Travel Specialists

Our marine and offshore travel specialists, WDT Corporate Travel, recognise the unique demands and inherent unpredictability of travel in this field, as part of the EFR Travel Group they're are well equipped to meet these challenges head-on.

Backed by seasoned travel professionals, they provide a tailored product suite that includes exclusive marine fares. As one of the select few with access to these specialised rates, WDT can provide unparalleled flexibility compared to standard fare options. While airline regulations strictly govern marine fares, the eligibility criteria remain generally consistent across the board.

  • Seaman traveling on duty to/from vessel and who are in possession of a valid seaman’s book
  • Staff employed to work on a vessel, but not a registered seaman but who are added to the manifest
  • A wife/husband of a seaman traveling to/from vessel and who has been added to the ship’s manifest
  • Engineers, contractors, surveyors and superintendents traveling to/from vessel to carry out work on a vessel whether in dock or at sea
  • Persons engaged in repositioning of semi-submersible or drilling rigs under their own power
  • Yacht delivery and superyacht crew
  • Vessels in dry dock or being built/repaired

In addition WDT provide a dedicated 24/7 service which further supports offshore clients. If you would like more information or to speak to a specialist in the offshore travel field get in touch today


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