London Heathrow Airport Extends Passenger Limit into October

28 August 2022
London Heathrow Airport Extends Passenger Limit into October

London Heathrow Airport is set to continue its passenger capacity cap up until October 29th. The UK International airport initially imposed the cap of 100,000 departing passengers per day for two months from 12 July to 11 September, after the caps which were announced last month were due to end on September the 11th.

Heathrow claimed the cap, which was extended in consultation with other airlines, has been successful at creating fewer last-minute cancellations and shorter waiting times for bags. The cap only applies to departing passengers.

The airport introduced the drastic measure in an effort to minimise disruptions following significant lines and baggage issues, resulting in various pileups and lost luggage.

London’s largest international airport announced the cap could be lifted prior to 29 October if “improved resource levels are evident, and the airport continues to see sustained operational improvements”. The capacity limits would be kept under regular review.


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