Israel Drops Requirement for on Arrival PCR Tests

27 May 2022
Israel Drops Requirement for on Arrival PCR Tests

Israel has further relaxed its travel restrictions by dropping the requirement for on-arrival PCR tests, after the Ministry of Health and the Airports Authority agreed new guidelines.

The decision for passengers arriving at Ben Gurion airport to no longer require a PCR test was made in light of “the decline in morbidity data” according to the Ministry’s Twitter account; while Israeli Health and the Airports Authority also announced that international passengers travelling to the country would be allowed to take an antigen test before boarding the aircraft, instead. The Ministry added: “Any passenger who chooses the antigen option will be required to perform the test in the 24 hours prior to their departure to Israel.”

Sharon Ehrlich Bershadsky, director of the Israel Tourism Office in London said: “As consumer confidence grows in line with restrictions easing, it was important that we made the entry process as simple as possible for travellers whilst keeping health and safety a top priority.”

It is highly anticipated that the easing of restrictions will help encourage tourists to plan their holidays to Israel this year.


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