Global Business Travel Update: January-August 2023

28 September 2023
Global Business Travel Update: January-August 2023

As we traverse through 2023, the global business travel landscape has seen significant shifts - let's delve into the vital metrics shaping the industry.

Rebounding Strongly

In June, we celebrated the travel industry's resurgence, standing at an impressive 90.8% of its 2019 transaction volume. This heartening news set a promising tone, especially when measured against the robust benchmark of 2019.

The UK travel market now stands just 4.76% shy of its 2019 pre-pandemic transaction volumes. This upward trajectory paints an optimistic picture for the autumn months ahead. Remarkably, the period from June to August 2023, which traditionally experiences a seasonal lull, defied expectations. This noteworthy deviation from the norm also signals a promising trend in confidence to travel.

Comparing Transaction Values

While the average transaction value for June to August 2023 dipped slightly to £417.18 from £432.35 in January to May 2023, it's crucial to note that this period is shorter. Year-to-date, 2023 showcases an encouraging average transaction value of £426.66, a substantial leap from £308.33 in the same period of 2019. A factor in these increases is of course the rising costs but also more people travelling in the premium/business cabins.

The Final Stretch

In the intricate dance of numbers and trends, the business travel arena is proving resilient, adapting to challenges, and moving forward with cautious optimism. As we head towards the final stretch of 2023, the dynamics of this ever-evolving industry continue to shape our journeys across borders and beyond.



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